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How to Become a Norseman

Step 1

Apply for Admission to Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.

Apply Today

Step 2

Once You Are Accepted
Register for your GoldKey (student id and e-mail).
Follow this link for help with this process: Goldkey Help.

Set Up Goldkey

Step 3

Submit the necessary documents to NEO Admissions (preferably prior to your appointment).

Submit Documents

Step 4

Schedule an appointment to get enrolled. The earlier you schedule, the better time slots you will have available.

Schedule Your Appointment

Applying for Scholarships

NEO offers a wide range of scholarships to our students. Some are funded by NEO and some are funded by our Development Foundation.

Students can apply for scholarships from January 1st to March 1st

For the best chance at getting a scholarship, fill out both applications below
Foundation Scholarships Institutional Scholarships

For more information, contact Financial Aid at 918-540-6029 today

Housing at NEO

NEO has 6 different dorms and a TON of opportunities for leadership and fun!

Once you’re accepted as a student, click the link below to apply for housing.

Get more information about Student Life at NEO

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